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Top Uses For an Extension Cord Pass-Through

There’s nothing better than being outdoors, right? Fresh air, birds chirping, trees swaying in the breeze, the feeling of grass on your feet – it just doesn’t get much better than that. Whether you enjoy spending your time outside with friends and family at home or camping in the woods, being outside is time well spent. Until you realize that there isn’t electricity outdoors. When it comes to being outdoors, there are two types of people: those who can be outside for days without needing electricity, and then people who need that connection to civilization and the comforts that it can provide. But running power from inside to outside can be tricky, especially in older homes that haven’t had an outdoor outlet installed or in the woods when you’re camping in your RV. But the good news is that there is a solution for bringing the best of both worlds together.

ScreenLet Brings Indoor Power Outside!

If you have a power source indoors, whether that’s your RV, a boat, or your home, and want to run an extension cord outside, it usually means cracking the door or window open. But this can let pests and unwanted critters indoors. With ScreenLet, our window screen pass-through is the perfect attachment that allows an extension cord to pass-through the window or door screen while keeping the undesirable parts of nature outside. So now that you can bring electricity to the outdoors, here are some of the best uses for your new window screen pass-through. 

Playing Music

If you’re relaxing in the backyard and want some quiet piano music or if you’re throwing a party and want to put on some jams to dance to, you need electricity! Simply bring out your stereo or speakers, plug them in to an extension cord, and hit the play button! 


Christmas lights, patio lights, tree lights, or pathway lights, a landscape can truly become a special place with the right lighting. But lights need power. With your window screen pass-through, you can slide one or several extension cords through the insert and attach your favorite style of outdoor lights. Just be mindful of if your lighting will be installed long-term as there are additional safety precautions that should be followed.

Power Tools

Power washer, leaf blower, nail gun, power saws, grinders – there are dozens of power tools that need to be plugged in to use, especially if they are being used for a longer period of time. Whatever you’re building or working on outside, having a reliable power source is a must.

Laptop or TV

If you’re able to work from home or there is an evening where you want to hang outside and watch a movie, sure you can bring these electronics outside, but the battery may not last as long as you need it to. Rather than cracking the patio door, the window screen pass-through from ScreenLet will easily allow you to get the power you need.


If you have cooking or other kitchen appliances outdoors, like a pizza oven or refrigerator, it’s essential that you have power to use them. Keep your drinks cold, store food like burgers, and cook up a storm for your family and friends without a worry. 

Learn All About ScreenLet and Power Your Outdoor Life!

With a window screen pass-through, you don’t need to worry about letting critters into your home! The screen insert is easily installed and you can use power outdoors within minutes. Whatever your favorite outdoor activities are, enjoy them today with ease with ScreenLet.