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Unveil the ScreenLet Evolution: Redefining Outdoor Power

Discover the transformative nature of ScreenLet.

A paradigm of outdoor utility and elegance. With its non-electrical essence, ScreenLet reimagines how power access integrates into your outdoor spaces, combining safety, style, and groundbreaking innovation. Dive into the world where convenience meets design, and explore how ScreenLet stands as a testament to the future of outdoor living.

The ScreenLet Difference: ScreenLet is more than just a utility door for window screens. It's a unique, non-electrical solution that seamlessly merges with your window screen, enhancing both convenience and aesthetics. This first-of-its-kind product prioritizes safety while offering a stylish way to facilitate outdoor power.

In an era where convenience and functionality are key, innovative home solutions are increasingly vital. ScreenLet stands out as a revolutionary product, redefining the concept of outdoor power access. It offers a simple, safe way to pass cords and cables through window screens, unlocking new possibilities for outdoor power.

Promotional image of ScreenLet, a window screen utility attachment used to extend power outside. The image shows a man using a leaf blower outdoors with the power cord safely passing through the ScreenLet device installed on a window screen. Text highlights uses for parties, special projects, and yardwork. The product's packaging is also shown, with the tagline 'Simply Extend Power Outdoors' and mentions of being featured on TV. The ScreenLet logo and website,, are prominently displayed.


Installation and Ease of Use: ScreenLet's installation simplicity appeals to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike. It requires no complex tools, making it an ideal solution for those needing quick and safe power access outdoors. The device's design ensures that it blends perfectly with your home's aesthetics.

A panoramic image collage showing the ScreenLet product and its installation process. On the left, a man is depicted using a leaf blower outdoors with the ScreenLet installed in a window screen. The middle part shows the ScreenLet product packaging and branding, emphasizing 'Inside Resources Outside.' The right sequence illustrates the simple installation steps: placing the ScreenLet device onto a window screen frame, pressing it down to secure, and threading a cable through it. This highlights the ease of installation for homeowners, renters, and DIY enthusiasts, requiring no special tools for a hassle-free setup.


Safety and Convenience Combined: ScreenLet prioritizes your home's safety and integrity. It eliminates the need for makeshift solutions, offering protection against insects and preventing window screen damage. This thoughtful design ensures long-lasting functionality and peace of mind.

Composite image displaying the ScreenLet utility: one side shows an unprotected power cord dangling outside a window, while the other side features ScreenLet securely routing a cord through a window screen, safeguarding against insects and screen damage.        Dual-view photograph illustrating the effectiveness of ScreenLet; on the left, a cord hangs unsafely out of a window, on the right, ScreenLet offers a secure, insect-resistant pass-through for the cord on a window screen, emphasizing home safety and convenience.


Aesthetic Appeal: ScreenLet's sleek design does not compromise your home's beauty. Its unobtrusive profile seamlessly integrates into your window, maintaining the space's overall look and feel.

A ScreenLet unit, with its slim and subtle profile, is affixed to a window screen, allowing an electrical cord to extend through while preserving the home's architectural beauty, highlighting the product's aesthetic harmony with residential spaces.


Versatile Applications: ScreenLet's versatility is one of its greatest strengths. From hosting outdoor events to powering garden projects, ScreenLet provides a perfect solution, accommodating the average home's power needs for outdoor activities.

A lively outdoor gathering at dusk showcasing ScreenLet’s potential, with people mingling, a movie projected outside, and multiple cooking stations, highlighting how ScreenLet facilitates power access for social events, DIY projects, and garden lighting.


A Note on Functionality: Designed for stationary use, ScreenLet serves as a static pass-through for cables, maintaining window screen integrity while providing easy access to outdoor power.

The ScreenLet system in use, showing a static setup with a cluster of cables extending through it, emphasizing the product's intended use as a fixed point of passage for cables, maintaining window screen integrity and simplifying outdoor power access



Conclusion: ScreenLet is an innovative, essential product for modern homes. By combining safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, it offers an unparalleled solution for outdoor power access. Embrace the simplicity and innovation of ScreenLet – your smart solution for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.


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