Bring Inside Resources Outside

Window screen cord pass-through for power outside - ScreenLet
ScreenLet window pass-through
Window cord pass-through from ScreenLet
ScreenLet window pass-through with corn running through it
A power cord passing through a window with ScreenLet
A window screen and the window cord pass-through ScreenLet
ScreenLet window screen pass-through product
Piece of ScreenLet window pass-through
Window screen pass-through for cords and hoses - ScreenLet
Showing the placement of the product ScreenLet, a window screen pass-through
Placing the ScreenLet window pass-through onto a screen
Cutting a window screen to install ScreenLet, a window screen pass-through

ScreenLet-Window Screen Pass Through Accessory

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ScreenLet is a small utility door that attaches onto the corner of any standard window screen and passes power and other cable resources from the inside for hard to reach areas on the outside. A convenient and low cost DIY solution that expands household operations in a couple of minutes. Get More Done! Have More Fun!