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ScreenLet Solved My Problem
“ScreenLet solved my problem with my satellite radio reception in seconds! I was able to easily attach the ScreenLet to the bottom corner of my screen in my apartment and run the antenna out on to my window ledge and bingo, perfect reception!”
– Jamie Wheatley

Super Easy To Install!
“I purchased the ScreenLet on eBay for my mom’s house because I’ve been running an extension cord out an open door for years to trim the backyard hedges. It was shipped quickly, super easy to install (only took 10 minutes!) and worked just as advertised! I may buy another for the camper – Great idea!”
– Bradford Egan

The ScreenLet was the answer to my problems.
I am a musician and purchased the ScreenLet to enable me to have electric power to practice or play music on the patio of my home.  My home is older and did not have an electrical outlet on the outside of the dwelling to plug in my equipment.  Consequently, I had to run an extension cord inside my home, which was terribly inconvenient, to supply electric power.
The ScreenLet was the answer to my problems.  It is made well, easy to install, and very reasonably priced.  I do not have to use extension cords for power outside my home or hire an expensive electrician to install an outlet outside.  As they say – “who knew?”
– Rick Abbott

ScreenLet works as advertised.

Easy to install.  With some electric cord hiding and a few plants around the fountain, all will be as perfect as possible.  Will recommend ScreenLet when friends and family ask.   Thank you.

Bob Northey

We are grateful we found your product and wanted to say Thank You!!
Before getting your Screenlet we would have to pry open the screen on our mobile home to attach cord from portable power station to its solar panel, but not anymore, we are grateful we found your product and wanted to say Thank You!!
– Jason & Daina McPartland