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About ScreenLet - Innovating Outdoor Power Solutions for Over Four Decades

ScreenLet: Window Screen PassThru_Inventor, standing in front of inventionThe Spark of Innovation:

ScreenLet's Origin Story Discover the humble beginnings of ScreenLet with Bradford Keatts, an inventor driven by practicality and necessity. Learn how a childhood challenge of extending power outdoors led to a 40-year journey to create ScreenLet, the ultimate window screen pass-through solution.


Concept to Reality:

The Evolution of ScreenLetEmbark on the evolution of ScreenLet, from a simple idea to a refined solution for outdoor power access. Witness how Bradford Keatts transformed a personal project into a patented innovation that simplifies outdoor power for homeowners everywhere.


Unveiling ScreenLet's Potential: A Solution for Every Home

Explore the moment ScreenLet's potential was recognized beyond a single home. Bradford's innovative approach captured the attention of friends and family, leading to the realization of how ScreenLet could address the universal need for convenient outdoor power.


From Personal Fix to Patented Product: The ScreenLet Journey

Follow the journey of ScreenLet as it transitions from a childhood invention to a patented product. This four-decade story showcases the dedication to innovation and the drive to bring practical, outdoor power solutions to the masses.


Join the ScreenLet Revolution

Join Bradford Keatts and the ScreenLet community as we redefine outdoor living. With ScreenLet, experience the simplicity and convenience of extending power outdoors. It's not just a product—it's a movement towards smarter, more connected homes.

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